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We all have smart phones, so why not save/make money with them while shopping for items we’re going to buy anyways?!’

We’ll start with the basics. Below is a few of the apps I currently use to save or get cash back.

    Hands down the easiest app to earn cash back on for your purchases. Sign up by clicking here. Once you sign up and redeem your first rebate you’ll automatically get $10 in your account. FREE. Just for signing up with my link! Who doesn’t love FREE money?!
  2. CHECK OUT 51
    Similar to Ibotta, save the deals you wish to redeem and upload your receipt. Receive cash back.
    Earn free money for simply snapping a picture of your receipts. Each receipt gives you ‘coins’ which you can redeem for amazon credit or a paypal deposit.
    Earn free gift cards for walking into stores! Simply sign up here. Just before you walk into the store, turn on your Bluetooth and location, open the app and receive ‘kicks’ just for walking in! You can also earn kicks by scanning barcodes on listed items. You can redeem your kicks for gift cards to your favorite stores.
    Money saving digital coupons for target shoppers.
    Savings catcher is a money saver! Literally.
    Another cash back app. Sign up here. This app doesn’t offer a wide selection of items or a high value cash back, but every little bit helps, right?

*You can redeem multiple offers on the various apps for the same item.*

Happy savings!


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